School performance

School learning is an intellectual and physical work carried out systematically by students, in order to acquire the ideational content and skills training, necessary for the continuous development of personality.

Performance standards are criteria for evaluating the quality of the learning process. Among the determinants of school performance we list:

  1. Learning strategies:
  • establishing the association between the already assimilated and the new information;
  • strategies for understanding written and read texts;
  • materials organization techniques.
  1. Motivation (intrinsic):
  • curiosity (desire to have knowledge / information);
  • the desire to follow a model;
  • reciprocity (the desire to work with others to achieve a goal).
  1. Efficient time management:
  • evaluating the time required to complete a task;
  • efficient use of allocated time;
  • planning the succession of solving the homework.
  1. Efficient management of the physical and social environment:
  • choosing a learning space with as few entertainers as possible;
  • choosing an entourage / friends who value school success.
  1. Efficient management of emotional states:
  • diminishing the fear of asking for help;
  • induction of positive functional emotions, which maintain active involvement in school tasks.

Achieving these performance standards is ensured at LDO by creating the necessary framework that encourages students and provides the necessary support to:

  • identification of learning style and own strategies for learning efficiency;
  • active participation in the class;
  • requesting clarifying information when he did not understand something;
  • adopting a positive attitude for the learning act;
  • organizing school activities and tasks responsibly;
  • accomplishing school tasks and responsibilities in a timely manner (avoiding procastination);
  • understanding the reason for failure and poor school results.

The school success represents the obtaining of a superior efficiency in the instructive-educational activity, at the level of the requirements of the curricula and of the aims of the education. The efficiency standards represent specifications of the level of performance expected in the acquisition defined by a standard at the end of the study of the school discipline or of the educational cycle.