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Leaving a pleasant memory for a person means giving them the opportunity to feel well received, integrated, respected and valued. In the center of attention of the High School “Don Orione” is the child with his concerns, desires and well-being.              

The activity of the “Don Orione” High School is based on the reasoning according to which young people can be “the sun or the storm of tomorrow’s society”. The faculty aims to educate, train, guide and develop children and teenagers, on ethical and moral grounds, so that they are prepared for the future with hope, faith and love in their souls.          

All these things would be incomplete without the support of parents and without a functional partnership between school and family. For us, parents are equal partners in this process of harmonious development of our children.            

The management of “Don Orione” High School is delighted to be part of such a remarkable team and invites you to explore “About LDO” menu to learn about the philosophy that governs our institution!

Praised be Jesus Christ!              

I am Don Valeriano Giacomelli, priest of the Congregation founded by San Luigi Orione.             

I have been a priest for 23 years and the superiors sent me to Romania immediately after being consecrated. I arrived in Oradea at the beginning of October 1997 and stayed here for 20 days, after which I reached my final destination – Voluntari – a city located on the outskirts of Bucharest. In those 20 days, I was truly impressed by the activities carried out at that time by our Congregation, by the efforts and generosity of my brethren, by the availability and closeness of those who came to “Don Orione”, by the joy and spontaneity and simplicity of the seminarians, young people and children. Thanks to the young people of the Oratory, I learned the first words of the Romanian language and how to celebrate Holy Mass; I still have the cassette on which a girl recorded the whole Mass ritual in Romanian.              

Here I am again, this time not for a short time, but to stay longer, for how much Providence will want, by the decision of the superiors. Oratory, School, Parish, Scouts, Italians, those who will knock on our door or those who we visit in different contexts, for help or activities, I say to all: here I am!To those who ask me: “Are you happy that you were sent to Don Orione High School in Oradea? Don’t you regret leaving Voluntari? “, I tell them from all my heart: “I am very happy to have come to Don Orione in Oradea, but, at the same time, I am very sorry to have left Voluntari. Surely, between these two feelings, JOY wins!              

To those who ask me: “What are you doing in Oradea?”, I reply: “I listen, I observe and I try to learn because I have many things to learn”. Of course, thanks to the help of my brethren and everybody here, but above all, with the help of God, we will be able to give continuity to the work done by those who preceded us.              

Entrusting myself to everyone’s prayers, I wish you well and once again I tell you: Here I am!

Don Valeriano Giacomelli 


Luigi Giovanni Orione (June 23, 1872 – March 12, 1940) was an Italian priest whose mission takes place even in a decisive historical turning point, trying hard to meet the social needs of his nation at that time. He is still  considered the defender of the poor and orphans.              

Don Luigi Orione was canonized by Pope John Paul II on May 16, 2004, who described the priest’s personality as “a wonderful and brilliant expression of Christian charity”.He had the character and heart of the apostle Paul, affectionate and sensitive to tears, tireless and courageous to bold action, tenacious and dynamic to heroism, facing dangers of all kinds, bringing great personalities from politics and culture, enlightening people without faith, converting sinners, always gathered in continuous and confident prayer, sometimes accompanied by terrible penances.              

The education promoted by St. Louis Orione, in all its forms, formed the basis of his entire experience (personal and pastoral). So, Don Orione was not an education theorist, but a great educator! St. Louis Orione placed education in close connection with charity, education with human and social growth.  Himself called it his method as a Christian-paternal education.This feature is reflected today in our institution that bears his name.

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“Don Orione” High School is organized and operates around the concepts of quality, discipline and respect. Once we make sure that we, the adults responsible for educational services, internalize and respect them, we  clearly ensure and concisely the expectations for the other factors involved in education ( both students and parents).              

One of the objectives of the “Don Orione” High School Oradea is to create an organizational culture that promotes and supports a modern, quality education that meets the requirements of today’s society. The LDO`s training-educational process is carried out by a confident, team-oriented and innovative teaching staff.The curricular activities (the organization in good conditions of the courses and of all the national exams, simulations, etc.), but also the extra-curricular ones, successfully demonstrate the fulfillment of this objective, which, in fact, has become a value of the school.               

The transmission in good conditions of the knowledge, skills and competences provided within the national curriculum and at the decision of the school, is achieved by efficiently resolving all conflict situations arising both in the teacher-teacher relationship and in the teacher-student or school-family relationship. In resolving these conflict situations (with different levels of intensity) a high degree of seriousness and objectivity is constantly required, but especially an approach based on respect and gratitude. We believe in the existence of a causal relationship between the quality of human interactions and the harmonious development of children; emphasizing in this regard that the support, encouragement, respect and transparent communication shown by the school staff will create the right contexts for the optimal development of the children enrolled in our institution.


Through the entire activity of the “Don Orione” High School, we aim to include in the educational system all children and young people, regardless of individual characteristics: physical disabilities, cultural or socio-economic origin, native language, ethnic origin, origin from a disadvantaged geographical area, etc. , giving them equal opportunities in education through the specific LDO`s system.               

The vision of the “Don Orione” High School Oradea is “Quality, efficiency and interest in education among the people!” This materializes by performing a quality teaching act, focused on the student, based on the educational skills required by official documents in Romania and the European Union. In a stimulating school setting, educational projects and programs / activities are carried out for all students interested in personal and professional training, lifelong learning, connecting us to the demands of today’s European school.Our actions are intended to cover educational needs of all kinds both in terms of the preschool (kindergarten) and school age population, but also in terms of the adult population (parents), who will help us to bring formal, informal and non-formal education to indicators of superior quality.


“Don Orione” High School was established in 1995, being the first private high school in Bihor Country and among the top three in the country. It was established as an alternative to state education, creating a competitive framework that results in increasing the quality of education.              

The establishment of the school is due to the Congregation “Don Orione” in Italy, a charity founded in the first part of the last century by the Roman Catholic priest Luigi Orione.Although patronized by a Catholic Congregation, the high school is not a denominational one, being dedicated to all students, regardless of religion, nationality or financial situation.              

The High School opened its doors in September 1995, starting with a staff of 32 students divided into two classes, then offering students the specializations Mathematics-Computer Science (Real profile) and Electrical Engineering (Technical profile).Currently, the school operates seven high school classes (full-time courses, covering the same two profiles Real and Technical, but with specializations Natural Sciences and Metachronism Technician), eight middle school classes, ten primary school classes and three kindergarten groups. After 25 years of operation, 704 preschoolers and students are enrolled in our institution (school year 2019-2020).              

The purpose of our school is to ensure a quality education to which students with a precarious financial condition have access. The motto of the high school, borrowed from its spiritual patron, is “To do always good things, never hurt anyone.” In its spirit, our school aims to form characters, to ensure an educational framework conducive to intercultural dialogue with the basic principle of unity through diversity. So, the high school does not differentiate based on religion or nationality between students. Another principle pursued in the educational process in our high school is” Today’s young people are the sun or the storm of our society of tomorrow!” Depending on how we invest in young people today, they may be the force that raises or destroys Romanian society in the future, which is why a lot has been invested in the quality and seriousness of the educational process.              

“Don Orione” High School Oradea is an accredited educational unit. Although it operates as a private school, it is a non-profit unit that provides the community with the same services as any state school.Liceul și-a deschis porțile în septembrie 1995, pornind cu un efectiv de 32 de elevi repartizați în două clase, propunând atunci elevilor specializările Matematică-informatică (profil Real) și Electrotehnică (profil Tehnic). În prezent, în școală funcționează șapte clase de liceu (cursuri de zi, acoperind aceleași două profile Real și Tehnic, dar cu specializările Științe ale naturii și Tehnician mecatronist), opt clase de gimnaziu, zece clase de ciclul primar și trei grupe de grădiniță. După 25 de ani de funcționare, în instituția noastră sunt înscriși 704 preşcolari şi elevi (an școlar 2019-2020).Liceul „Don Orione” Oradea este o unitate de învățământ acreditată. Deși funcţionează ca o şcoală particulară, este o unitate non-profit, care oferă comunității aceleaşi servicii ca orice şcoală de stat.Scopul școlii noastre este să asigure un învăţământ de calitate la care să aibă acces şi elevii cu o condiţie materială precară. Deviza liceului, împrumutată de la patronul său spiritual, este: Să facem binele întotdeauna, răul niciodată, nimănui! În spiritul acesteia, şcoala noastră îşi propune să formeze caractere, să asigure un cadru educaţional propice dialogului intercultural având ca principiu de bază unitatea prin diversitate. Un aport important în dezvoltarea obiectivelor comunității orionine îl are părintele Mihai Fechetă, un preot mult îndrăgit de către noi toți, care timp de 15 ani (2005 – 2020) a fost directorul Centrului „Don Orione” din Oradea.Liceul „Don Orione” Oradea nu face nicio diferenţiere bazată pe religie sau naţionalitate între elevi. Un principiu urmărit în procesul educativ în liceul nostru este Tinerii de astăzi sunt soarele sau furtuna societăţii noastre de mâine! În funcţie de cum investim astăzi în tineri, ei pot să fie în viitor forţa care ridică sau distruge societatea românească, motiv pentru care se investește foarte mult în calitatea şi seriozitatea formării acestor tineri.