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Orionine pedagogy

Young people are the most precious treasure of family and society. Depending on the model in which they are educated and the environment in which they grow up, they will be the sun or the storm of tomorrow.

San Luigi Orione

Don Orione does not set out with pessimism, but commits himself with the firm conviction, perfectly expressed by Saint Giovanni Bosco through a simple and effective formula: “Education is about the soul. Let the young people know that you love them! ”


  1.  Curriculum for primary education, respectively the subjects that are studied in the primary cycle are identical to those in the state schools and are regulated by Order no. 3,371 of March 12, 2013.

  1. Curriculum for lower secondary education, respectively the subjects that are studied in grades V-VIII are identical to those in state schools and are according to Order no. 3,590 of April 5, 2016 on the approval of the curricula for secondary education.

School performance

School learning is an intellectual and physical work carried out systematically by students, in order to acquire the ideational content and skills training, necessary for the continuous development of personality.

Performance standards are criteria for evaluating the quality of the learning process. Among the determinants of school performance we list:

  1. Learning strategies:
  • establishing the association between the already assimilated and the new information;
  • strategies for understanding written and read texts;
  • materials organization techniques.